Are you and your spouse/partner 18 or older?
Are you and your spouse/partner married, separated, living with each other at least 6 months, or in committed dating relationship at least 1 year?
Did you serve or are you serving in the U.S Military?
Active military, reservists, national guardsman, and veterans of all branches are welcome.
Have you had an alcoholic drink in the past 120 days?
Do you think you might drink too much? OR On any day in the past year, had you had more than 4 drinks (men) or more than 3 drinks (women)? OR In a typical week in past few months, have you drank on 3 days or more? OR On a typical day in the past few months drank more than 3 drinks?
If any of the following are true, respond YES.
Is it ok if we contact you regarding your eligibility for the program?